ATS compliant resume

ATS compliant resumes.

Searching for a good job is not a big deal, but grab that desired job is a big task to accomplish in everyone’s life.ATS compliant resumes are only the way you can hit the floor.

At the end of 2020, I am sharing the golden tricks to get shortlisted in your desired job. All of us are familiar with the applying procedure and the key element to represent yourself in front of a recruiter is your resume.

Resume plays a vital role in shortlisting and reflects as your mirror in the whole process. So, if you are tired to apply so many times and didn’t shortlist yet, then most probably the reason behind your failure is only the right skill or the resume that not comply with the job criteria.

As technology advances,98% of companies are using an applicant tracking system to shortlisted suitable candidates that match the announced criteria of the job. Let’s have a look at ATS.

Application tracking system.

ATS is a software used by many companies to shortlist the right candidate. This software has only shortlisted those resumes which are strongly matched to the requested job.90% of candidates failed to shortlisted for the interview because their resumes do not comply with ATS.

Why companies use ATS?

It is not possible for a human to read 5000 resumes per day, Technology made comfort for all recruiters to shortlist the right candidate from the trained tracker that allows only a limited match for the announced position.

Job searching is like a Pinata.

If you hit it hard enough, You’ll be rewarded.

ATS complaint resumes always get shortlisted and ideal for a tracking system. Create your resume ATS compliant and grab your position with the right skills.

Tips to create a good ATS Resume

A website needs search engine optimization to rank, resumes also need to rank in the ATS tracker by essential key factors.

ATS is a specialized search engine and only recognized specific and related keywords to track the resume.

Some important factors track your resumes in the ATS tracker. Remember these points always to get shortlisted.

Use of essential Keywords.

Keywords play a vital role to rank your presence high. Use relevant keywords according to the job description.

Recruiters identify and search candidates by entering the keyword in a tracking system.ATS only tracks the keywords containing resumes.

Relevant Job Title.

A good title helps you to track the resume. It contains specific keywords that reflect back the position that you applied for.

Specify your soft skills.

Always specify your qualitative skills, like if you are a team player or a team leader mention in your resume by the specific keyword which is in the requirement of the recruiter.


Make sure that your qualification is appropriately written in your resume and it also includes industry-relevant keywords.

Use major acronym in resume that the job role required at catches it easily.


Formatting is also a big challenge for a resume creator. Create a good layout and format it according to ATS rules. You can also use ATS templates to create your resume.


Always show consistencty in resume or social profile. Use similiar keywords on the both pages.It will increase your chances to be shortlisted.

ATS is advanced system used in many countries. Try to rectify your resumes according to ATS rules and grab your job.

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