Don’t wait for opportunities, create them.

A long list of unemployed peoples always making complaints about fewer resources and unemployment. We are Homosapiens, we can create opportunities in the era of science.

Science is all about innovation, Being a scientist, biologist, biotechnologist, or no matter from which background you are, know your strengths, grip on them, polish them, and go with the flow.

Success is only for you! only at your doorstep , Grab it .

Skills are just like an ornament, use your ornaments in the pandemic, and cash your skills. The future belongs to those who learn skills and combine them in a creative way to earn.

Don’t wait for opportunities, think big and do big, You can change the world by changing your thought.

Science and technology opens the door to learn explore and achieve your goals at your ease.Peoples wait for the right opportunity and it will never come.It only happen by day and night efforts.

Have you ever heard the quote?

If opportunity doesn’t knock,build a door

Do not depend on other to give you a right chace, search it and go for it. Only you can empower the world by right mindset.

Always keep your mind open to opportunities , as they are always closer than you think.

Choose the right plan , right skill, right degree and dont wait for a job . Try something new and innovative and open the door to opportunities.

It can only be done by a good inspiration, dedication and motivation . You have to execute your thought and take a big steps toward your destination.

Again , no matter you are biologist, technologist,educantionist and whatever the domain you belong all is about your efforts and your skills.

So, unemployment is not a big headache, but the unskilled person is a major default of society.

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