Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray – Spray off Your Fears

The pepper spray is a self-defense weapon that has been in use by the police for quite a long time now. The weapon is a spray-shaped one just like deodorant, except for the fact that it does not consist of pleasant ingredients; instead, the components of this weapon include a mix of capsicum and hot pepper. 

Having the above-mentioned ingredients makes the weapon an irritating one. It is used by spraying it onto the face of the enemy. As you spray, it causes an immense amount of irritation in the eyes, nose, and throats of the person you sprayed upon. 

At times the spray also causes temporary blindness for a while, which proves to be quite effective in letting you escape or in getting the authorities to catch the person. The use of the weapon has increased over the past few years after an increase in crime rates was recorded. 

Types of Pepper Spray

The pepper spray for sale has many cool types. The multiple offerings out there make a choice of making an easy process. Following are the cool types of spray guns that you will often find:

  • Pepper Spray Keychain

The pepper spray keychain is a cool weapon that is a dual-purpose one. The weapon is an amazing one as it has the ability to keep two things safe at the same time. The spray can be used to protect you in your head, whereas the keychain can be used to protect your belongings on the way. Just at one place, you get to benefit from two things, and that is why this tool is recommended for outdoor going people. 

  • Women’s Pepper Spray

There are a couple of women’s pepper spray that you will also find. These sprays have been specially created to cater to the needs of females. You get to buy the pink pepper spray, which bears a feminine look due to the pink color it has. You get to buy the lipstick spray that is shaped like a lipstick and is good for disguising your identity. All weapons under this section are solely made for females. 

  • Police Pepper Spray

The police pepper spray is a weapon that is used by the police in real life. Having one is a cool thing as you get one of the best weapons. It is identical in looks and performance. As the weapon is the one used by the police, it also turns out to be quite effective. You can easily have anyone down with just spraying the weapon for once. 

  • Best Pepper Spray

One of the best pepper sprays that anyone can buy is the Olympian spray weapon. The weapon is amazing for a couple of reasons. The first thing that makes it cool is its hand friendly size. The weapon can be carried and used with a single hand. The next amazing bit about the weapon is that it is a combination of many self defense tools. At one place, you get a stun gun which is used to deliver high voltage current, and you get a spray that can be used for spraying onto the face of opponents, and finally, you get a flashlight in the weapon, which provides for great vision during the night. 

How to use pepper spray?

Using the weapon is quite easy as you just need to point in the direction of the opponent, and you need to spray it onto their face. You need to spray it from an arms distance so that you can keep yourself safe from the effect of the spray. 

Benefits of the Pepper Spray Gun Over Other Weapons

The pepper spray gun is a cool weapon that is quite beneficial, and that is why it is a hot-selling one. As compared to knives and guns, the weapon wins out on portability as it is small in size and light in weight. Talking about the usage, the weapon again wins out because it does not require loading, nor does it require you to get close to your target to attack them. 

When it comes to pricing, the weapon again wins out from the rest because it is way cheaper than others. The additional advantage of the weapon is that the effect it causes only lasts a little while, whereas other weapons could be life-threatening. All of these qualities make the weapon the best out of the pack. 

Buy Pepper Spray at Affordable Prices

Many people usually ask as to what the price of the weapon is or where to buy pepper spray from. Well, the answer to that is simple as you get to buy the weapon from a wide range of places in the country. You can even avail of the delivery option by ordering the sprays from online places such as the PA Knives. 

Coming to the pricing part, you will be amazed to know that the weapon is available at pocket-friendly prices. You get to buy the weapons at reasonable prices. You can buy them for yourself, or you can buy them in bulk; whatever you do, you will benefit in the end.

Buying in bulk can also help you make money as you get to buy the weapons at pocket easy prices; you can then sell them for higher. Buy the pepper spray today and blow troubles away instantly.

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